Amanda E. Sharples

I am an Assistant Professor, Teaching Stream at the University of Toronto.  I completed my PhD at the University of Toronto in June 2018. I teach across a wide variety of subjects including quantitative methods, research methods, field methods, data management, measurement, cultural psychology, social attitudes, and social and personality psychology. My research interests are diverse but centered around conflict at individual, interpersonal, and intergroup levels. Currently, I am developing and studying pedagogical tools to cultivate wisdom, which may assist with the resolution of intergroup and interpersonal conflict. I am also conducting research with undergraduate students to examine how conflicting cultural identities may impact student well-being and academic outcomes. Finally, I am conducting a line of research focused on interparental conflict and abusive behaviours (specifically, parental alienating behaviours or PABs) following separation or divorce. My focus is on identifying these behaviours early and accurately and better understanding how they impact children.